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Lakewood Home Services offers professional water filtration and softener system installation and comprehensive plumbing services, such as drain cleaning, toilet repair, sump pump installation, and more. With over 20 years of drain cleaning and water filtration experience, our competent service technicians ensure the highest standard of work in the industry.

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About Lakewood Home Services

Lakewood Home Services is a locally owned and operated professional water filtration and drain service company. You can count on our trained technicians with over two decades of experience in the field. Every work operation we conduct is performed with honesty, integrity, and pride. And so, we believe that our company culture keeps our employees and customers happy. We take pride in our cutting-edge products and five-star customer service that has satisfied our clients ever since.

We look forward to serving every residential property in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, and the surrounding areas, with the best water filtration installation and drain cleaning service in town!

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Professional Water Filtration and Drain Cleaning Service

Lakewood Home Services offers comprehensive residential services ranging from water filtration installation to toilet repair. We utilize the latest technology, techniques, and equipment to ensure the safety of your plumbing fixtures and home appliances while delivering exceptional results.

We have first-rate water filtration and softener system lineup that will provide you with the best water quality at home, installed within 48 hours by our water filtration experts.

Our professional sump pump installation, both submersible and pedestal, ensure to keep your basement or crawl space from excess water or flooding.

Bring new life to your toilet without replacing it. Our Lakewood technicians can fix your toilet, leaving it looking and functioning like new.

When it comes to ADA-compliant toilet installation, we’ve got you covered! So, save water and enjoy new features from modern toilets with our toilet installation services.

Whether you need to order a plumber-grade faucet or you need someone to install your on-hand faucet, you can rely on our Lakewood technicians to do the work for you.

A clogged main drain calls for a plumbing emergency. Let our Lakewood experts clear your sewer and get everything draining the way it should again.

Trust our professional service technicians to clear your washing machine from clogs that stop them from functioning properly and efficiently.

Bathroom sinks typically clog due to hair, debris, and soap scum buildup stuck in the sink drain. Let our expert technicians clear your sink quickly and easily.

Food and grease are typically the main culprits of clogged kitchen sinks. You can rely on our professional drain services to find the root cause and fix the problem quickly.

Bathtubs and showers are usually constricted with soap residue and hair. Our shower and bathtub drain cleaning clears these obstructions, leaving you with fully draining drains.

If your toilet is not flushing the way it should be, have our Lakewood technicians assess the situation and get your toilet fixed as soon as possible.

Lakewood Home Services offer fiber optic video inspection of one vent stack to your main sewer. The pricing may vary depending on the size of the building.

Face your drain problems with our H2O Pros. Aside from clogs, pipe corrosion is also common, especially for old pipes. We can keep your interior and exterior plumbing system in its best working condition for your safety and convenience.

Don’t let your outdoor drain clogs ruin your day. At Lakewood Home Services, we will keep your drains clear from different deposits and materials. Our H2O Pros can remove the most stubborn clogs, and get your drain working again.

Sewage backups are a source of foul smell, unwanted moisture, and harmful bacteria. Our H2O Pros can protect your property with proper sanitation and deodorization if you suspect a sewage spill or a septic tank overflow.

Debris can easily accumulate in your sewer lines, developing clogs if left unremoved. Our H2O Pros at Lakewood Home Services can clean your sewer line using our latest equipment and tools, ensuring your sewer line is in good condition.

Why Choose Lakewood Home Services

Our professional team of H2O pros has been providing five-star service from the initial phone call to completing the job. Your convenience and satisfaction are our priority. That’s why our team does our absolute best to make the entire process quick and easy for you.

Gold Standard Service

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve delivered exceptional customer service that our past clients can never forget.

Quality Solutions

We utilize industry-leading tools and equipment and only install the best products on the market to provide you with quality and longevity.

Communication Systems

We use Jobber, an efficient field service software that allows you to track your requests, quotes, jobs, and invoices in your client hub, making our the entire process easier.

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