Drain Cleaning Services in Sarasota, Florida

Lakewood Home Services is your best choice for professional drain cleaning services in Sarasota and the surrounding communities. We understand the hassle of experiencing clogged toilets and broken faucets, that’s why we make sure to keep your drains properly draining at all times. From toilets and sink repairs to faucet and sump pump installations, our drain cleaning technicians can handle every job.

What is Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is the process of flushing out pipes to eliminate clogs and other impurities that cause buildup. Drain cleaning is essential for every household’s plumbing system because buildup from soap, hair, dead skin, food, and other particles will damage your pipes over time if left unaddressed.

If you have been snaking your drains, but the clogs won’t go away, it’s a telling sign that you need to have your drains cleaned by a professional immediately. We use specialized techniques to eliminate buildups, as well as prevent future blockages. Don’t hesitate to contact Lakewood Home Services for an inspection of your drains.

What to Expect from Our Drain Cleaning Services

Drain cleaning companies have different protocols when it comes to the actual cleaning service. At Lakewood Home Services, we follow a standardized process that makes our drain cleaning services quick, easy, and convenient for many.


Our drain cleaning technicians will inspect your drains to check their condition and determine a suitable cleaning method. To have a more accurate understanding of what’s going on inside your pipes, we might recommend a video pipe inspection.


After inspecting the drains we need to clean, we will provide you with a competitive but reasonable cost estimate, guaranteed with no hidden charges. We don’t want to compromise the integrity of your pipes, so if you have a limited budget, we’ll try to see if we can work around it


Once you’ve agreed on the terms and the schedule for our cleaning service, we will arrive on the scheduled date and time, give you a run-through of everything we will do, then proceed with the cleaning. We will ensure that your drains will flow properly after the process.


After we clean your pipes, we will also explain everything that happened, as well as our professional recommendations to keep your drains in their optimal condition. Then, you can settle your payment with our technicians.

Keep Your Drains Flowing Properly with Sarasota’s Trusted Drain Cleaning Services

Experiencing drain clogs every now and then can disrupt your daily routine. No one wants to start or end their day with a clogged toilet or bathroom drain. So to prevent dealing with this inconvenience, we recommend having your drains cleaned regularly by your local H2O Pros. If you haven’t had your drains cleaned in a while, contact us today, and we’ll get rid of buildup and other impurities lingering in your home’s drains.

Professional Drain Cleaning vs. DIY Drain Cleaning

When it comes to drain cleaning, you have two options: call the professionals or do it yourself. Many people opt to perform Do-It-Yourself drain cleaning methods to save money, but without proper usage of tools and products, it can do more harm than good. Here are the pros and cons of the two options to help you make a decision about which is best for your plumbing system.

Professional Drain Cleaning

DIY Drain Cleaning





Frequently Asked Questions about Our Drain Cleaning Services

We understand that you may have some questions in mind. Below, we have compiled our answers to the most commonly asked questions about our drain cleaning services.
How much does your drain cleaning service cost?
Our pricing depends on the severity of the situation, so we cannot give a flat rate. We recommend having our drain cleaning technician inspect your drains first before we can give a proper cost estimate.
How often should I get my drains cleaned professionally?
We highly recommend you have your drains cleaned at least once a year, but it depends on your lifestyle. Generally, it varies among different households. Our drain technicians can recommend a cleaning schedule after assessing your drain pipes and sewer lines in person.
How do I know if it’s time to replace my drain pipes or sewer line?
If you have slow draining water, inconsistent toilet water levels, persistent clogs, strange sounds, and foul smells from your drains, it may be time to replace your drain pipes or sewer lines. For an accurate assessment, we recommend you call our drain experts for an inspection.
How do I prevent clogged drains?
The best way to prevent drain clogs is to have it regularly cleaned by a professional plumber. By having them remove the impurities and grime from your drains at least once a year, you can be sure your drains will not be clogged in the immediate future.
Can I clean my drains?
Yes, you can, but we don’t recommend it unless you are a skilled and experienced drain cleaning technician yourself.
Is professional drain cleaning needed for every clog?
Not at all. Some clogs can easily be fixed with a plunger or drain snake. But if the clogs in your drain are persistent, let an expert handle them with a more serious fix.
Is it safe to use liquid drain cleaners?
While store-bought liquid drain cleaners work, we don’t recommend them. These chemicals can be very strong, causing damage to your pipes over time, especially if overused.

Sarasota’s Preferred Drain Cleaning Services

Don’t wait until your drains give you a hard time with recurring clogs. Instead, have your drains cleaned by your local H2O Pros. We will ensure you have free-flowing drains all year long with our drain cleaning service that is trusted in Sarasota. Contact us today for an estimate!