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Many homeowners do not know what’s in the water they are using and consuming. At Lakewood Home Services, we offer in-home water testing to help you determine pathogens and other contaminants in your home’s water source. We utilize advanced tools to test your water and prevent you and your loved ones from various diseases and illnesses.

Professional In-Home Water Testing Services in Lakewood Ranch

Numerous potentially dangerous microorganisms and dissolved inorganic chemicals may linger in your water, regardless of whether it comes from a well or the municipal water supply. If you reside within five miles of a gas station, factory, farm, or cemetery, or if you have a septic tank field on your property, you are likely to have contaminants in your drinking water that can make you sick. You can also have contaminated water if your neighborhood has heavily fertilized lawns; pesticides, agricultural waste, and animal waste can contaminate groundwater.

To prevent you from worrying about the quality of the water in your home, it’s recommended to get a comprehensive in-home water test from our professional team. The test results will indicate the total hardness of the water and identify its possible contaminants, such as arsenic, lead, nitrate, and more. With this, you will know which water filter or water softener you can install to address the water problem in your home.

Warning Signs You Should Have Your Water Tested

Consuming contaminated water for an extended period of time is dangerous to one’s health, especially for immunocompromised individuals. Fortunately, there are telling signs that you need to have your water tested as soon as possible.

  • You have cloudy water.
  • Your water has a weird color or hue.
  • Your water smells like chlorine or sulfur.
  • Your plumbing fixtures are deteriorating.
  • Your family members are experiencing frequent stomach problems.
  • Your clothes and dishes are full of water stains.


If you are experiencing these problems at home, you should have your water professionally tested to ensure the safety of your loved ones and your home. Contact Lakewood Home Services today for a professional in-home water test in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.

Make Sure Your Water Is Safe for Consumption with Our In-Home Water Test in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Clean water is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle. Improve your water quality at home and address contamination problems with our in-home water test. Our H2O experts will come to your house, obtain a water sample, and provide you with the report and a treatment recommendation.

Ensure that the water you use and consume is safe and healthy for you, your family, and your pets. Get your water tested today!

Common Harmful Contaminants Found in Florida Water

Many homeowners are becoming more interested in knowing what’s in their drinking water. Some usually wait until before the entire neighborhood starts to get sick, but it’s actually not a good idea.

To give you an overview, here are some of the most common water contaminants that are present in your water, especially if you are near an agricultural or industrial zone.

If you’re worried or suspect that your drinking water might be contaminated, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us immediately. Our test results will list down the contaminants present in your water and their level or percentage.

Have Clean, Healthy Water for You and Your Loved Ones

Having clean water can significantly improve your quality of life. To determine if your water supply is contaminated or not, and to know the necessary water treatment options, let our H2O experts test and analyze your water and help you choose the best course of action for your water problems at home. Contact Lakewood Home Services today to get started.