Pros and Cons of Clogged Drain Camera Inspection

drain camera inspection

With significant technological advancements, plumbers are finding it easier to detect leaks, clogs, and problems with your sewer, drains, and pipes. With the help of drain camera inspection, plumbers can inspect sewer lines without the need to excavate or damage your house.

What Are Drain Inspection Cameras?

These inspection cameras are sophisticated instruments that entail placing a video camera into a sewage or drain line so you can see the inside of the pipes from a television screen. When there is a problem with your pipes, it is often difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the problem without x-ray vision. These cameras can actually look within the pipes to find the source of the problem. As a result, they assist us in telling consumers the specific reasons why their plumbing system may be malfunctioning.

The Pros of Using Drain Cameras

1. They identify the condition of your pipes

Your home plumbing’s condition can deteriorate over time. With drain camera inspection, you will be able to see when a pipe is leaking, clogged, corroded, or about to collapse, enabling you to get it repaired or replaced before other problems arise.

2. They identify the type of plumbing system you have

Not all plumbing systems are constructed the same way. By inserting a camera into your drains, your plumbing contractor can determine what type of plumbing system you have in your home or establishment. This is excellent for determining how to manage an issue in the first place.

3. They find clogs and leaks without the need to dig

If there is a problem with your plumbing system, even though you see no visible blockages or leaks, then the issue may be somewhere deeper in the pipeline. A drain camera inspection may swiftly pinpoint the exact location of these leaks and clogs. Your plumber will no longer need to guess thanks to this cutting-edge technology.

drain inspection service

4. They sometimes find lost things

There are some people who lose the precious gem on their rings in the sink drain when washing dishes; there are others who accidentally lose the whole ring itself. There can be chances during a clogged drain camera inspection when these lost items can be discovered still lodged in your pipelines, and our plumbers can retrieve them.

5. They save you money on unwanted costs

In the past, plumbers had to dig all the way across pipes so they could see which sections were leaking or clogged. Not only does digging cause damage to your yard and affect the aesthetic and functionality of your home, but it also entails costs for the digging, not to mention the restoration of your lawn, which could take several months. Drain camera inspection can save you money that you would have spent for all these.

6. They often don’t need permits

Digging a trench through a lawn to check for pipe problems may require a permit from your local government. However, using a drain camera to do a plumbing line inspection often doesn’t need any permits, making it more hassle-free for your plumber to look for problems in your pipeline and fix them.

The Cons of Using Drain Cameras

Well, the only con that we can think of is the cost for the services. But with the benefits outweighing the costs, using drain cameras is a worthwhile investment for the upkeep of your home. Not only will it save you time determining where the problem is, it will also save you the hassle of trial and error.


If you find yourself needing to get your pipes inspected for leaks, clogs, or other issues, don’t let it consume your time and resources. Call your local H2O experts at Lakewood Home Services to inspect your drains, and clear any blockage for good.

We use cutting-edge equipment and techniques to locate leaks and blockages, and guarantee that your plumbing fixtures and appliances are safe and operational. We’re also dedicated to providing unsurpassed water filtration installation and drain cleaning services. Call 1-800-951-5898 or email for your clogged drain camera inspection needs in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.



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